Lodging in Todos Santos

Lodging and traveler assistance in Todos Santos

Villa Bugambilias offers the best lodging, welcome and reception that can be done to any person, putting it under cover of the particular weather conditions of the Todos Santos region, so that you are with all the comfort and assistance you are looking for in your vacation or stay.
People who travel outside their home for more than 24 hours, require sleeping accommodation, but also a security guarantee, to protect themselves from bad weather, keep their belongings and have the most necessary hygiene functions.
Todos Santos is a Mexican town located in the municipality of La Paz, State of Baja California Sur, less than three kilometers from the Pacific Ocean. There goes exactly the Tropic of Cancer. This population was designated as a Magical town; It is located 80 kilometers from the city of La Paz, an ideal region for tourism.


Villa Bugambilias

Calle Horizonte (frente a Escuela Miguel Hidalgo)

Col. San Ignacio, C.P. 23300

Todos Santos, BCS, México.

Reservaciones con mínimo un día de anticipación.

Reservations need at least one day in advance.


(612) 108 54 95



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