Todos Santos Boutique Hotel

Style and character of the Boutique hotel in Todos Santos

Unlike the large hotel chains, a boutique hotel pursues its own style and character, seeking to provide personalized customer service. Generally, the price of a stay there is totally opposite to that requested by the brands of the most famous hotels.
Boutique hotels usually have few rooms. As a result, they can provide much more personalized attention to each of their clients. In the town of Todos Santos, the best boutique hotel is located very close to the city center, place from which the tourist has direct access to the most dynamic areas, shopping and beaches.
The boutique is a hotel concept designed to give a different image. It seeks modernity in its facilities and works to win the space left by the large hotel chains, which adapt to mass tourism, without bustle, so that the guest enjoys an atmosphere of intimacy.

Villa Bugambilias

Calle Horizonte (frente a Escuela Miguel Hidalgo)

Col. San Ignacio, C.P. 23300

Todos Santos, BCS, México.

Reservaciones con mínimo un día de anticipación.

Reservations need at least one day in advance.


(612) 108 54 95

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