Inexpensive Hotel

Why stay in a budget hotel

Multiple travelers believe that after searching and finding the best deal on their flights, they ended up losing the economic gain obtained by paying much more for the accommodation they subsequently booked. To find the best deals on cheap hotels and save on lodging, the best advice these travelers can take is to resort to a boutique hotel.
This type of hotel is ideal for any type of trip, whether long stays, one week or weekend getaways. They are considered timeless and represent a great gain for the traveler's pocket, who can enjoy that economic difference generated in the restaurants, businesses, beaches and attractions of the place.
Villa Bugambilias is the ideal budget hotel option in one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico, Todos Santos. With beautiful beaches of soft sand, a cultural center full of art and entertainment, and numerous galleries in the city, the savings and fun of the guest are assured.

Villa Bugambilias

Calle Horizonte (frente a Escuela Miguel Hidalgo)

Col. San Ignacio, C.P. 23300

Todos Santos, BCS, México.

Reservaciones con mínimo un día de anticipación.

Reservations need at least one day in advance.


(612) 108 54 95

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