Villa Rentals

Benefits of renting villas for vacation

The importance of feeling comfortable in the long-awaited days of disconnection that form vacations is decisive to enjoy. For those who wish to travel to Todos Santos and are planning their trip, Villa Bugambilias has all the advantages of staying in a luxury villa.
As much as you are on vacation, it is very common to think that at home you are not anywhere else. The intention of the guests who rent villas is to spend a stay in a place with all the comforts of their own home. Not having to comply with schedules, having all the services at your fingertips and freeing yourself from daily obligations is a luxury that you live in Villa Bugambilias.
High-class benefits, family entertainment and an intimate atmosphere are the three great benefits for any traveler who values ​​privacy during their vacations and rents a room in a villa.

Villa Bugambilias

Calle Horizonte (frente a Escuela Miguel Hidalgo)

Col. San Ignacio, C.P. 23300

Todos Santos, BCS, México.

Reservaciones con mínimo un día de anticipación.

Reservations need at least one day in advance.


(612) 108 54 95

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