Vacation in Todos Santos

Reasons for vacation in Todos Santos

The town of Todos Santos has suffered in recent years a strong migration of domestic and foreign tourists. Mainly, from countries like the United States and Canada, and other Mexican states such as Guerrero and Veracruz.
The foreign presence generated changes in the population with respect to their social life, the appropriation of central spaces, the acquisition of houses and land and the rise of real estate businesses. However, the arrival of these new inhabitants is not massive, so the culture of Todos Santos is not subordinated by any other person.
The city maintains its traditions, which are respected by foreigners and tourists. All visitors contribute to it, enriching it in an inclusive way. It is a perfect place to vacation, with beaches and eco-tourism as the main sources of income for the region. Also large plantations and greenhouses are carried out that prepare ideal meals so that the tourist knows more about Todos Santos.

Villa Bugambilias

Calle Horizonte (frente a Escuela Miguel Hidalgo)

Col. San Ignacio, C.P. 23300

Todos Santos, BCS, México.

Reservaciones con mínimo un día de anticipación.

Reservations need at least one day in advance.


(612) 108 54 95

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